some art on the wall a..bove my library..

a few months ago I read an article.. there also were two photographs.. one a black and white photography of a lady.. sitting by the window.. readin a book .. there was a round tea table and a coffee cup and a table lamp.. next to it was the photography of a glamorous young woman in her “negligee”.. sitting in a boudoir style bedroom .. sitting at her dressing table..

the writer was telling she doesn’t know which one reflected her better. because she liked both equally.. being glamorous and intellectual..

both are time consuming.. you don’t get glamour nor culture over night..and when I mean glamour.. I don’t mean basic “looking good” activities =P..

I thought I was in a worse condition than this writer..because I like crafting as much as the other two .. and crafting is a time consuming process as well ..

some time ago I saw the work of a photographer.. a vignette composed by a glamoroue stiletto over some old books.. it reminded me of the article..

then I also remembered the saying of Borges.. I always believed that paradise shoul be sort of a library..

and then I decided that I needed “art” for the wall over the renewed “bibliotheque”

so I grabbed one of my shoes and put it in the middle of my coffee table .. among the already existing objects..


another obsession of mine are seagulls.. I have taken so many photographs od seagulls.. it is not only because they remind you about the sea and escapes.. but for me they also are a reminder of the “Jonathan the seagull”

so I added one of my seagull photografs as a layer..


it looked great..

then came the great saying of Borges.. and also a little “canvas layering”..  and here is my art ready to be “ mod podged” on a painters block and hung..


I love art.. I love photography and I love GIMP =P

ps: I ranged the shoe back to where it belonged after taking the photography..

ps2: I am in urgent need of art and also something to occupy my mind.. my son has passed the exam that all young people who want to go to university have to go through.. he has quite a good result.. but as a perfectionist he is not satisfied with himself with me with nothing..

we also have some adolescent girl issues over.. so I need to occupy my mind ..  until every one settles down..

have all a great weekend..