I have a new sofa.. a sofa with lots of story behind..

a sofa that I dislike so much..

it’s presence is a burden..

but I must keep it..

don’t ask me why..

I have disguised it wit a throw.. and white crisp pillows during summer..

now it’s autumn.. I want warm colours around me..

It’s not  cold yet..

but I know it is fall..

I need the colours.. white is chilly right now..

I have started some cover ups..

I have used the arms of two sweaters I am repurposing to cover my vases.. still feelin chilly..

a small red wooden box and a small branch of pyrrachanta from the garden..

a brown ceramic vase of scented candle to balance the brown wool sweater arm.. on the right..

I also have found the right inspiration ..

from a wallpaper =).. yes from a wallpaper design I have seen at poppytalk blog..

beautiful colours.. uneven  stripes .. lace and even glitter..

I have started knitting it..

I know I have to finish my daughter’s bag.. but I have always been a good and fast knitter..never been one who makes the finishings..

I’ll do that.. I just want to enjoy a few more rows..

have a great week..