fall colours in the house.. Monday, Sep 27 2010 

I have a new sofa.. a sofa with lots of story behind..

a sofa that I dislike so much..

it’s presence is a burden..

but I must keep it..

don’t ask me why..

I have disguised it wit a throw.. and white crisp pillows during summer..

now it’s autumn.. I want warm colours around me..

It’s not  cold yet..

but I know it is fall..

I need the colours.. white is chilly right now..

I have started some cover ups..

I have used the arms of two sweaters I am repurposing to cover my vases.. still feelin chilly..

a small red wooden box and a small branch of pyrrachanta from the garden..

a brown ceramic vase of scented candle to balance the brown wool sweater arm.. on the right..

I also have found the right inspiration ..

from a wallpaper =).. yes from a wallpaper design I have seen at poppytalk blog..

beautiful colours.. uneven  stripes .. lace and even glitter..

I have started knitting it..

I know I have to finish my daughter’s bag.. but I have always been a good and fast knitter..never been one who makes the finishings..

I’ll do that.. I just want to enjoy a few more rows..

have a great week..



I know .. Tuesday, Sep 21 2010 

I am not a persistant person..

we call .. “having the appetit of a monkey”  people like me..

I do things.. but I do not blog..

I do blog but not in here..

I do craft but I do not blog about them..

what is funny is that I started blogging because of my craft addiction..

I am an untreatable procrastinator..

but it is autumn..

I love it..

I read a quote last dat..

“‎”I’ve never known anyone yet who doesn’t suffer a certain restlessness when autumn rolls around… We’re all eight years old again and anything is possible. ” –Sue Grafton

so forget this child..

I am knitting right now.. a “chiné” handbag for my daughter.. black and red..

will be embellished..

schools have started yesterday..

my daughter has starte the art school .. she is a music student now..

and my son has started the university..

and this year ı feel they have grown up..

and I have much more time to .. live .. craft and enjoy..

I have done great job this summer..

done the library..

designed  some corners

and now I am de-structuring  clothes.. knits.. restructuring.. re-purposing..




prepare most of all…..

will come with photos..