in life and in the house..

the problem is ..

ok ..

I will try to start again..

whenever I feel bored I try to change my house..

when I was a youngster I used to change my room..

mum did so with her house.. and she kept saying “disturbed minds.. change their decor”

it is a family issue..

I am disturbed .. there a some great changes I have to do.. but I cannot find the energy and inspiration to do it.. but I cannot keep still as well ..

I once read something about organizing.. it said when yo declutter a space keep it under control and keep it neat.. so that you can continue on decluttering..

the same goes for beautifying a space..

I started with a huge project..

the library..

it took a month ..

in the mean time a readyed some decorations that I wanted to use later..

and this meant I lived in knee high clutter..

in the garden and in the living room..

now the library is finished.. so-so.. just some more book covers which isn’t an emergency..

last saturday I went to purchase some glass globes for my chandelier..

it went sweet.. I now have.. a beautiful.. honey coloured glassed chandelier.. I can use these eco lights without suffering from migraine..

I also purchased a white and a chocolate brown pillow case for the ugly brown sofa..

I also went into the kitchen cabinets.. I have found some accessories I never use..

so I have spray painted them in black.. and the glass topped chess board as well ..

I have placed candles over it.. looks nice..

I have taken off the frames of some paintings.. now they look “french”

the problem is.. I don’t have too many surfaces to beautify.. and an endless wish of doing decor objects..

and not enough cabinets to keep them..

so it is cluttered again..

this corner looks great now.. /she means the library and the chandelier../

what are you planning now mum said my daughter yester-evening.. when I was sitting .. looking around hopeless..

I just told her..

I cleaned up the surface of the table.. and the glass cabinet.. but now all other surfaces are cluttered.. =P..

today my carpets are coming back from the cleaner..

I am fed up with decluttering the same places again and again..